How to Pick a Divorce Lawyer

Do you LOVE your divorce lawyer? Be honest – because most people really don’t. But think about it: Your divorce lawyer is someone with whom you are going to be spending a LOT of time over the next few months to a year (or more, if there’s a lot of contention between you and the Mr. or Mrs.). And this person will, by the time it’s all said and done, know all of the most intimate details of your life – personal, romantic, financial, maybe even religious, if there are kids involved. This is the person who will help you figure out what you’re entitled to – and what your spouse is. This is the person who will help shape your relationship with your KIDS, by advocating for you, drafting motions and pleadings, negotiating with Hubby or Wifey. So take your time, ask questions, do your homework, sit down with an attorney that you’re considering hiring, and grill them. Get to know him or her. Interview him or her thoroughly – because after all, no matter what your job is, I can guarantee you’ll never hire for a position more important than your divorce attorney. (Shameless plug: FREE CONSULTATIONS! If you’re considering a split, give me a call. Come in and meet me. Put me on the spot. Because I want to be the divorce lawyer YOU LOVE.)